Bethlehem Crèche collection includes 15 figurines, gold star and stable.
Mary and Baby Jesus, Joseph, 2 Angels, 3 Magi, 3 Shepherds, Shepherdess, Donkey, Camel, Ox, Sheep, Gold Star and Stable. 


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Angel with Halo 5½", Angel Gloria 4" $45

Ox 2½", Donkey 3"  $38

Sheep 1½"  $22

Camel 3"  $58

Star 2½"  $17

Stable 12"  $140


The Crèche has been created by the Sisters of Bethlehem, according to the traditional Nativity scenes that Christians all over the world display during Christmas Season.  


The figurines are made in dolomite, a mix of synthetic resin and stone powder. They are first molded, and then individually carved for details and hand painted to produce unique pieces. The crèche was made by the “Atelier Saint Joseph” in our monastery of Mougères, France.


All artwork is done in solitude and in prayer, and with love.

Bethlehem Crèche - Purchase here Angels, Star and Animal Figurines