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Compassion Cross 10" x 7¼"


This icon of tin is a large Compassion Cross. The Mother of God stands with one of the holy women to Jesus’ left and Saint John with one centurion stands to his right. Above the Crucified Lord, the engravings seem to represent the Lord’s Ascension lifted up above the clouds. He blesses His disciples and sends them the promised Spirit whom we see between the Angels. This icon is adorned with green enamel and a tin frieze with more decorative black and green enamel border.


The embossed tin icons are created on wood boards that are covered with tin metal “repoussé” that has been worked by hand and adorned with colored enamel. The tin has an aged appearance due to its patina finish. This style of artwork is very ancient and goes back to the first centuries of the Christian era.


All artwork is done in solitude and in prayer, anonymously and with love.

Compassion Cross 10"

  • Due to the nature of this item, returns are not accepted. 

  • Shipping and handling charges are additional. Taxes additional when applicable. 


    Shipped from upstate New York, presently to the United States only. If interested in international shipping, please email us. 

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