Peasant Crèche figurines come in many colors and are a nice larger size, ranging from 17" to 6". 


Peasant Crèche collection includes 18 figurines and gold star.

Mary and Baby Jesus, Joseph, Angel, 3 Magi, 3 Shepherds, 2 Shepherdess, Donkey, Camel, Ox, 3 Sheep, Gold Star 


Purchase here Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angel and gold star

Virgin Mary comes in blue, green, brwon and white  10½"  $169

Saint Joseph comes in blue, green and brown  10½"  $169

Baby Jesus 5"  $39

Manger  17½"  $60

Angel  16"  $195

Star 4"  $22


The Crèche has been created by the Sisters of Bethlehem, according to the traditional Nativity scenes that Christians all over th