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Set of 5 Easter Ornaments  4" Diameter  Group B 


Celebrate Easter with these Christian decorations or give as individual Easter gifts.


The Easter ornaments are handwritten small icons which represent the eleven Gospels of the Resurrection and hand painted traditional glorious crosses, as well as the Paschal Lamb with the Cross - whose immolation saves the world. Ornaments consists of 4 Christian scenes and a decorative Cross.


The collection will be hand made by the Sisters, thus the artwork will be unique. They are kilned at the Monastery. Colors might have slight variations.


All chinaware is done in solitude and in prayer, anonymously, and with love.

Easter Ornaments - Group B

  • The Sisters are experienced in shipping their fragile artwork. 


    Shipping and handling charges are additional. Taxes additional when applicable. 


    Shipped from upstate New York, presently to the United States only. If interested in international shipping, please email us. 

  • Due to the nature of these hand-painted artworks, returns are not accepted.  


    If chinaware arrives damaged from shipping, please photograph the damaged box and merchandise. Please email us to file a claim. Thank you.

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