Saint Michael The Archangel  14" x 11"  Hand Painted


This icon of Saint Michael is inspired by the famous icon by the Russian painter Rublev from the Deisis of Znevigorod (XVth century), which shows the Archangel bowing in intercession toward Christ. In his right hand, he holds a heavenly sphere symbolizing the area of his service centered on Christ whose Name appears in the form of Ki-Ro (1st Greek letters of “Kristos”) surrounded by the Alpha and Omega letters which express his sovereignty over all creation. In his left hand, he carries a staff, ending in a representation of the “bronze serpent” of Deuteronomy, symbolizing the salvific power of Christ. The staff “indicates royal power, sovereignty and that rectitude with which the angel brings everything to completion” (from Dionysius the Areopagite- of Hierarchy of Heaven).


This hand painted icon is “written” according to the traditional technique of egg tempera with 23k gold leaves, painted on kaluga wood with raised borders and braces- on gesso.


Worked in thin layers, it achieves a beautiful transparency when the final varnishing binds together all the differently colored layers in a transparent harmony which gives to the icon a depth and light expressive of its spiritual meaning.


All artwork is done in solitude and in prayer, anonymously and with love.

Saint Michael The Archangel - Hand Painted

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