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Rosaries are hand made in prayer by the Sisters at the Monastery of Bethlehein Livingston Manor. They are made of pure, high quality, soft wool. The Sisters have received this way of making knots from the Eastern monastic tradition and adapted it to the Roman tradition of the five decades rosary Chaplet. The black color is expressive of the fact that we are praying to the Blessed Virgin to intercede for us. The red strings inserted in some knots and in the cross remind us of the Blood of Christ shed for our salvation. The wool symbolizes the sheep led by the Good Shepherd to the pasture of eternal life through the intercession of Mary. 


Please place the order with the intention for whom the Rosary is made and the Sister will hand-knot it, especially with her prayers for that specific intention. 


It will be sent in a beautiful black velvet pouch with the date and intention on a card within. 

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