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About Us

The Order of the Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem of the Assumption of the Virgin and of Saint Bruno was founded in 1950 in Rome. There are 500 sisters in 29 monasteries living in 15 countries. Since 1987, at the invitation of Cardinal O’Connor, a community of monastic sisters lead a contemplative life in Livingston Manor, New York. They earn a living by hand painting chinaware and hand knotting rosaries.

Monastery of Bethlehem, New York, Retreat

Monastery of Bethlehem

Livingston Manor, New York

Monastery of Bethelehem, New York, Hand Painted Pottery, Artistry

Hand-painted Artwork

The Sisters of the Monastery of Bethlehem earn a living by hand painting chinaware. In decorating each piece individually, they first draw the pattern with a china pencil or with a charcoal stick over a “pouch.” After, they hand paint the pottery with fine brushes. It is then kiln fired at the Monastery. The Sisters produce their handmade artwork in solitude, in prayer, and with love.

Join Us for Retreat

Featured by Aleteia Travel as one of the most beautiful Catholic retreats in North America.


We welcome guests wishing to spend a time of solitary retreat and to share the Sisters’ liturgical lives for a while. We offer our monastery as a place to worship and contemplate the Three Divine Persons and receive their love.

Monastery of Bethlehem, New York, Retreat, Solitude, Sisters, Pottery
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