Crèche of Autun has 11 figurines which includes Nativity trio of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Also Angel, Shepherd, Persian Magi, Asian Magi, African Magi, Ox, Donkey, and Sheep


Mary and Joseph 10½", Baby Jesus 5"  $140

Angel 5", Shepherd 4½", Persain Magi 3½", Asian Magi 5", African Magi 4½"  $51
Ox 4", Donkey 3½", Sheep 2"  $31


The crèche has been created by the Sisters of Bethlehem, according to the traditional Nativity scenes that Christians all over the world display during Christmas Season.  


The figurines are made in dolomite, a mix of synthetic resin and stone powder. from the Pyrenees reconstructed and molded, and then ind